List of team trophies

Vault Bowl Champion
The Coveted helmet of Kulbrick Kilnhelm that grants the owning team the ability to bestow THICK SKULL to one of itīs Players
VB2019 - Spring Nibbly Pigs Orc
Vault Bowl 2019 Sang des Elfes Elven Union

Runner Up
Ya got close kid... but not close enough. Hey, hereīs a silver helmet though.
VB2019 - Spring Devil’s Daughters Dark Elf
Vault Bowl 2019 Devil’s Daughters Dark Elf

Third... I guess
You gave it a red hot go. But letīs get real, you werenīt even in the Grand Final... hereīs what little recognition we can spare.
VB2019 - Spring Clan Oolp Goblin
VB2019 - Spring Zenobian Zeniths Amazon
Vault Bowl 2019 TNA Alliance Amazon
Vault Bowl 2019 Better Than Cheeses Skaven


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